Saturday, December 31, 2011

DIY Organizing!

Hey guys!
I thought I would share with you a few ideas that I have used to help me organize a few things. I like to be able to see everything that I have, so that I can decide what I want to use,

Here is how I store my nail polishes. I used this video as a template to make it. It's just foam board and hot glue, surprisingly sturdy for only about $3.

This is a pizza pan that I hung with ribbon, and then hot glued magnets to the back of my single shadows. Total cost $8.

I did this the other day. I just nailed up some gold ribbon and hooked my earrings on them. Total cost $1 

Hope this gave you all some ideas!
XO-The Addict

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Back to Basics - Picking out Foundation

Hello There!

We have all fallen victim to this, wearing the wrong color foundation. For me it usually happens in the summer, I don't realize how much sun I have gotten and all of a sudden my face is lighter than everything else and I look like ghost. For most people they simply don't know how to pick the correct shade or the undertone is wrong and you turn orange. For information on understanding your skin tone check out this Back to Basic. 

There are basically three types of foundation: powder, liquid and gel/cream. Typically coverage is as follows Powder is Sheer, Liquid is Medium, Creme is Full. Of course there are exceptions like tinted moisturizer which usually is packaged like liquid foundation.

OK now you know your skin tone and what type of coverage you want its time to  find your perfect match. If your shopping at the drugstore unfortunately its just a guessing game. The best thing to do is go to Sephora or a department store so that you can test the colors. Find a brand, type and finish you like, then swatch them along your jaw bone (Try using a cotton swab or a cosmetic sponge). Your looking for the color that disappears into your skin.

 Brush Vs. Sponge?

Some people think that you should only use foundation brush's and others are pro sponge. So how do you choose? My best advice is to try both and use whatever your most comfortable with and you feel gives the best result for your skin. 

Brush's are the greener choice since you wash and reuse them the same way you would any of your cosmetic brushes. I like to use a brush because you have more control over where your product is going and the result is more full coverage than a sponge since it doesn't soak up your foundation.

Sponges are convenient since they are disposable and are my applicator of choice when applying foundation to a client. Most people don't know this but you can use sponges two ways wet or dry. By wetting the sponge you cause it to soak up the vehicle in the product (The ingredient that delivers the pigment to your face, usually an oil) this gives you a color only deposit to you face. 

Do you still have questions on how to pick out foundation or application? Let us know!

Until next time! -The Artist

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Pick of the Week

Hello Everyone!

I hope everyone is having a great holiday season, I know we are!
For this Pick of the Week I choose NYC Smooth Skin Bronzing Face Powder. If you don't normally use bronzer or are looking for a less expensive option this is a great product and will only set you back $2.99.

NYC Smooth Skin is a matte powder and I believe only comes in the shade Sunny. I use it two ways, First as a contour powder. If you want to lose a quick 5 lbs apply bronzer under your cheek bone and blend up into your blush to get a quick skinny face. Second, to use as a bronzer for a fast tan apply to the high points of your face; cheek bones, temples and down the center of your face.

Finally ordered the NYX Haute Jersey pallet, I can't wait. Look for that review coming soon!

XOXO- The Artist

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


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Pick of the Week!

Hello lovelies!
Sorry that this is so late, I have been in CA for the last week and didn't get home until late last night.
Enough excuses, let's get started. This product is one that I have been using a lot since I got it in my Cyber Monday elf haul. It is the elf Studio Mascara Primer. I had heard people say that they liked it, but I wasn't sure why because I didn't really understand what it did. So I decided to give it a try with a couple different mascaras and in different amounts (light layer and thick). I do like this product, I feel like it adds length and thickness before you apply your mascara, intensifying the the look. It also helps your mascara stay longer, flake less, and glide on smoother. It even makes my lashes feel more conditioned and it seems like it's easier to remove my mascara at the end of the day when I use this.

How many of us have a bunch of half used mascaras in our collection that we stopped using because they weren't all that great? I know I have a few. What's great about this primer is that it can take a so-so mascara and make it great! For example, I have been using it with my NYC Sky Rise Lengthening Mascara which isn't terrible but it's not really anything special on it's own. When I used the primer first then used the NYC Mascara, I had noticeably more intense lashes. They looked awesome! 

I've found that it works best if you use a light-to moderate amount, to where they start to look white but not clumpy, then let it sit for a few seconds before you apply your mascara. They only negative I've noticed is that with the extra product weighing them down my curl doesn't last as long. I think it's a great product to add some oomph to your look or to help you use up some long forgotten products.

Til next time
The Addict

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Favorite Holiday Nail Polishes!

Hey everyone!
We are so close the holidays! In fact, this week I will be in CA again celebrating Christmas early with my family. I have been having very festive fingernails lately, and I thought I would share with you my favorite Holiday colors!


Click links for sources

Happy Polishing!
The Addict

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Pick of the Week

Hello Lovely's!

I am so sorry my Pick of the Week is a day late! We got a new puppy and she is taking over my life. 

Anyway I have a great pick for you! It is Jesse's Girl, Mineralized Baked Powder in Ocean Breeze. I really wanted a navy eye shadow and when Kaci was out here we stopped by Rite Aid and picked this one up. I actually did not have high hopes for it but for only $3.99 I figured why not. I ended up absolutely loving it!

The texture is very soft and blends out really well. In this picture I used a darker blue at the base of the lid with the Mineralized Baked Powder all over and a lighter shade to blend the edges into my highlight. Its a more dramatic look but super fast and easy to apply. 

XOXO- The Artist

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Holiday Looks

Hey beauties!
I thought maybe you guys would like to see some fun holiday looks! These are just two that I cam up with.

For a holiday/Christmas party:

Using Jesse's Girl Antique Green foiled with elf Lock and Seal on the lid
Then I used a fluffier brush to blend it in the crease. With just a shimmery white as a highlight. Then I used elf liquid liner in Copper. With Maybelline One-by-one mascara and elf blushing rose on my upper cheekbone.

For New Years!
Starry gel liner in silver on the lids, then patted on Revlon diamond dust in 100 Celestial Silver. Then took my WnW matte black from the Blue Had Me at Hello and did a winged outer v and brought it down to the lower lash line. Maybelline master drama liner on the waterline and One-by-one mascara. Lastly a  light dusting on WnW pearlescent pink on my cheeks.

Enjoy!-The Addict

Friday, December 9, 2011

Review of Kirkland Signature Brush Set

Hey Y'all!
I had heard a lot about these brushes on Youtube, but had low expectations. How could a set of 10 brushes and a super cute purple "alligator" brush roll be only $25 and still be good? Well they are, they're more than good, they're awesome! They are so soft and dense. If I didn't know better I would think these brushes were $25 each, not $25 for the whole set. I definitely recommend this for yourself or for a gift!
The packaging was super cute, they were all displayed in a box set (great for gifting!) .  Unfortunately I had to leave the box in CA because it wouldn't fit in my bag.
All of the brushes are labeled with what type of brush it is, and there is a little booklet with descriptions of each brush and instructions on how to use them. Which is great, especially for beginners.
From the Costco website, which says the price is $32.99 (including shipping)

Brush Roll:
I had originally thought that this set came with a cute purple clutch, and I was pretty pumped. So I was a little disappointed when it turned out to be a brush roll, because I probably won't get as much use out of it. But it is cute and functional. When you put all of the brushes in, you have one extra slot. It has the fold over flap to protect from damage and to keep it clean. It also has a detachable pouch that you can bring on the go, that's where I put the highlighting fan and contour kabuki.

Contour Kabuki:
This little guy is so plush and soft it's ridiculous. I've been using this to contour around my cheeks, chin and neck. It is the perfect size for contouring the hollows of my cheeks, so it makes that step super fast. Up until now I have been using the elf studio blush brush to contour and then would blend with the elf flat top brush, but this brush does both jobs in one.

Highlighting Fan:
I have a few fans that came with different products. I never use them, so I didn't think I would use this at all. But it is so much bigger and fluffier than all my other ones and I have definitely been using it to highlight my cheeks, nose and chin.

Finishing Brush:
If silk and clouds had a baby it would be this stippling brush. It feels amazing. I used this the last couple of days for my foundation and I didn't particularly like the result. I haven't really used a stippling brush before, so I think I need more practice before I can give a fair judgement on this one.

Pointed Foundation Brush:
This is the brush I never knew I always wanted. It is so perfect for concealer. I have just been dabbing my concealer everywhere that I need it and then using this brush to get it in all the little corners and blend it out. Works way better than my finger!

Powder Brush:
So far I've really just used this brush to dust on Benefit Daffodil all over to brighten up my face. Most inexpensive powder brushes have long floppy bristles that don't do a whole lot. But I was delightfully surprised with how full it is.

Cheek Brush:
This to me is a mix between the elf flat top brush and the Bare Escentuals kabuki. I haven't been using this for blush/cheeks, but it does a fantastic job of applying my Laura Geller Balance and Brighten with good coverage.

All Over Eye Brush:
This is dense and soft like the elf studio C brush, but stockier like the elf essentials e/s brush. Very good standard e/s brush.

Angled Eye Brush:
I thought this was going to be just like the elf Angled contour brush. The shape is essentially the same. When I first felt this brush it felt a little scratchy and I didn't think I would get much use out of it. But after a couple uses, it feels much softer (I have no idea why). Because of the texture it picks up a lot of product with very little fall out. I have been using it a lot lately, when I'm in a rush and just want to use one color for all over. Because of the size and shape it takes a whole 2 seconds to flawlessly sweep on shadow in the right shape.

Crease Eye Brush:
I have been wanting a big fluffy blending brush for a while now, and hadn't found any in the less expensive brands that was like what I wanted. That is, until I saw this brush. This one little brush is what sold me on this set. It is just perfect.

Liner Brush:
I am used to just using angled eyeliner brushes, but I found this to be great for tight-lining and getting product right up in the lashes.

I still cannot find my camera, so check out My Pinktastic Life, where I found these great photos!

Til next time!
The Addict

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

elf Open Box!

I just got my shipment from elf that I ordered on Cyber Monday! Yaaaay! Watch the video to see al of the goodies I got!

If you want to see and swatches, reviews, or tutorials for any of these products, please let us know!
XO, The Addict

Monday, December 5, 2011

Pick of the Week +Product Review

Hello Everyone!
Today I bring you a product that I had been wanting for a very long time. I finally had the opportunity to get my hands on these bad boys when I was in CA over the Thanksgiving holiday. To my knowledge (correct me if I'm wrong), they are only sold at Rite Aid stores. They are the NYC (New York Color) Blushable Creme Sticks. At the store I went to they were having a 40% off sale on all NYC products, so I went ahead and got all of them. They normally retail for $3.99. Unlike a lot of other cream blushes, these obviously come in a twist up (like chapstick) tube, which is good and bad. I like that you could just swipe this right on your cheek and then blend it out. However, in execution I felt like I was getting too much product that way. Instead, I've been rubbing it on my finger to warm it up and then blot onto my cheek then blend it out. Much like I would with any other cream blush. I have found that it is long lasting, doesn't necessarily need to be set with a powder, but that will definitely help the staying power. I have just been dusting a very light layer of a coordinating color or a translucent powder on top just so that that the texture blends more naturally with the rest of my face. Overall, I really like these! I would be very excited if they came out with more colors and started carrying them in other stores.

Photo Courtesy of since I cannot seem to find my camera at the moment.

XO, The Addict

Friday, December 2, 2011

FREAKY Facts Tag!

Hello Ladies and Gents!
Today we are bringing you a super fun video! For anyone familiar with the Youtube Beauty community, you have probably seen this tag pop up all over. We had such a good time doing this video, and hope you enjoy it!

 I personally love videos like this because it let's you get to know the person/people who you are trusting with reviews and such.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Beautiful Travels

It's always so hard to decide what beauty items to pack when going on a trip. Should you just bring the bare essentials? Or enough to be prepared for anything? I probably over-pack when it comes to beauty related items, but that's because I almost never pre-plan a look, I just look at what I'll be wearing and make it up as I go.
I meant to have this video up before I left for Thanksgiving, but that didn't really work out. So I hope this helps if you are planning to go out of town for the winter holidays!

A few edits: When I got to security (TSA) they informed me that everything was supposed to be in a 1 quart bag not a 1 gallon bag. OOPS! Also, I don't know what I was thinking, but my foundation, tm, night cream, and nail polish was also supposed to be in the bag. Again, my bad.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Pick of the Week

Happy Holidays! 

While my sister and I were out shopping over the Thanksgiving break we stumbled across a beauty brand now at Forever 21 called love&beauty. My local Forever 21 does not carry the full line, there is a lot more on the website. So far I do feel like love&beauty has some good products, best of all the price range is $1-$6. I picked up some nail polishes and a lip gloss which I am really in love with. 

My pick of the week is the love&beauty sheer lip gloss, color is pink. This lip gloss will set you back a mere $1.80! This is a thicker lip gloss with a lot of shine and really delicious scent. I also kinda appreciate that the colors are called pink, red and coral, straight to the point. 

Have a very happy holiday season and we are committed to getting tons of great holidays posts. Also, look out for new videos!

-The Artist

Adopt A Polish this Holiday Season!

Feeling in the holiday spirit? Looking to give back? Here is a fun cause to get behind! It's called, and they are looking to give beautiful nailpolishes a good and caring home :)

“We have so many polishes who need a good family to take them in” said executive director Nikki Smith. “All it takes is filling out an application form describing how you can provide a better life for one of our in need nail polishes. We select the best application and take care of all the expenses, delivering your newly adopted polish directly to your door.” 
Please don’t let the agony go on any longer than it has to. The first round of adoptions closes December 31st. Apply to Adopt a Polish at
How cute is that? I've already submitted my application for Charleston and Angelina. Who would you like to give a good home to?

The Addict

Monday, November 21, 2011

Pick of the Week

Hello beautiful people!
Today I'm bringing you another awesome pick of the week! It is my Essence Stay All Day 16hr Long Lasting Concealer. I love this stuff! I have been using it pretty much every day for the last few months. It is a medium coverage concealer that is very smooth and blends well into the skin. It's also great for the under-eye area because it does not crease at all. For someone like me that has oily/acne prone skin it's hard to find concealers that actually stay all day and don't make my problem areas worse. This works so well for me, and may just work perfect for you too! This is my favorite concealer right now, and it's a steal for only $2.50! Essence products are sold at Ulta stores.
Now I am off to the airport to go see my family for the holiday! Stay tuned for some great videos with the Artist & the Addict! Til then,
The Addict

Friday, November 18, 2011

elf Flat Top Powder Brush

Hello Beauties!
Today I am bringing you a quick review of one of my all time favorite brushes. This is a brush that I use every single day. It is the elf flat top brush and it is so versatile! I personally use it to apply my foundation, both liquid and mineral/powder. When using liquid I just pour some on the back of my hand and stipple the foundation all over my face, then using circular motions blend it all over. With my mineral foundation (Bare Minerals or Laura Geller Balance and Brighten) I use the swirl, tap, and buff method. I am so glad that I discovered this brush, I don't know what I would do without it! Best part is, it retails for only $3 on or at Target stores.
Picture courtesy of was too dirty to photograph :)

Side note for the Revlon Colorstay lovers- this is kind of hard to wash out of this brush. I usually have to wash it twice with my elf brush shampoo. Also, since the formulation is a little dry many people apply it with a wet sponge, I like to spritz a little elf mist and set on the brush before I start applying and it goes on beautifully! 

Til next time,
The Addict

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Makeup Secret Weapon!

Hello Everyone,

Working as a make-up artist and going to Joe Blasco make-up school I have picked up some amazing tricks and secrets. Some of which are kinda unconventional but will save you money, time and get your creative juices going.

Today we are bringing you something very special, a little known and awesome product, Pearl Ex Pigment Powders! This was suggested to Andi (The Artist) back when she was in makeup school. We have both used these for a long time, and they are amazing! 

This is a set of 12 pigment powders, which are meant for crafting but are safe and easy to use on the face and eyes. You get some awesome colors and a TON of product. This set retails for about $20 at Michael's Crafts or on Wet or dry, with or without primer you get high impact color payoff that lasts and lasts. There are 2 different sets, we both have this collection. It has a great mix of bright and vibrant, warm, and metallic colors.

If you try this, let us know what you think!
-The Artist and The Addict

Monday, November 14, 2011

Pick of the Week

Hello Beauty Lovers,

We love elf here at The Artist and The Addict, they are really changing the way a lot of people (including myself) feel about lower end/drug store brands. This week is no different.

For this Pick of the Week, under $5 of course, is the elf All Over Cover Stick. We have seen a lot of mixed reviews about this product but I personally can't live without it. I found mine at Kmart, I've heard select Target stores also have it and of course you can order the All Over Cover Stick at

I use it to ways: as a concealer with my tinted moisturizer or all over for a full coverage look. I always set this with a highlight powder under the eyes and a talc powder all over for a finished matte appearance.

I know why your probably thinking "I can't use a product all over my face that only cost $1, it will ruin my skin". Everyone is different but my experience with this product has been really great, and my acne prone skin hasn't looked this great in years. I have been using the All Over Cover Stick for a couple months now almost everyday.

Do you have a great product for Pick of the Week? Tell us about it.
XOXO, The Artist

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butters


If you follow other beauty blogs you have probably heard of the New Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter. I heard about them on Beauty Broadcast who saw them somewhere else. Well they are so awesome I feel the need to mention them again! It took going to a few different places to find them, I found them at CVS in CA and Kaci found them at Walgreens in AZ. 

The Lip Butters are really soft, have great color, are long lasting and fade really nicely. They come in a variety of shades but the main reason I was drawn in was because I have been searching for pink lipstick and I didn't want something that was opaque matte hot pink.  I wanted something with some shimmer and shine.
I picked up Lollipop and Sweet Tart and have been wearing them non-stop! Lollipop is a fuchsia with violet shimmer in it and Sweet Tart has no shimmer and is a glossy bright pink.

Ring is Forever 21
I picked up two colors that are a bit more toned down; Berry Smoothie and Pink Truffle. Berry Smoothie is a shimmery berry pink, which comes of a little brighter than it looks in the tube. Then there is Pink Truffle, I love this shade! It looks exactly how it sounds, it's a creamy brown with pink tones, making this a super wearable brown. I am just loving it for fall!
From Left: Pink Truffle, Berry Smoothie

Until next time, 
The Artist and The Addict

Friday, November 11, 2011

How Much Is Your Face Worth?

Hello lovelies!
I saw this post over at Laura Thoughts and I thought it would be fun to do! Basically you just add up the cost of all of the products you would use in a day.
So I figured I would do two examples, an everyday look and a night out look :) It sure adds up quick, especially when you figure that this isn't even including makeup brushes or hair products.
Bare Escentuals Mineral Foundation: $26
Essence Concealer $3
Elf Studio Blush in Berry Merry: $3
Milani Baked Bronzer in Glow $8
elf eyelid primer $1
elf 32 palette $5
Maybelline Drama Eyeliner $6
Maybelline One by One mascara $6
eos lip balm $3

Going out:
elf Mineral Infused face primer $6
Revlon Colorstay Foundation $13
Essence concealer (under eyes) $3
Hardy Candy Glamoflauge (any imperfections) $6
NYC loose powder $4
Milani Baked Bronzer in Glow $8
elf bronzer in Warm Tan $3
Hard Candy Blush in Living Doll $6
Too Faced Shadow Insurance $18
Tarte for True Blood Palette $52
Ardell Brow Powder $4
Maybelline Drama Eyeliner $6
Prestige My Biggest Lashes Mascara $6
Ardell Falsies $4
Duo Lash glue $8
Essence XXXL Nudes Lip gloss $3
I tend to use more makeup when I go out, and I like to keep everything covered up for that flawless look. Whereas I'm okay with  more natural, light to medium coverage for work or school. I also like to use higher end products when I go out because in my experience they tend to last a little better when I'm sweating and shaking my groove-thang.
 I hope you enjoyed this! XOXO,
The Addict

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Coastal Scents Haul and Swatches

Hello Everyone!
We am so happy to bring you some swatches of some awesome stuff we got from Coastal Scents! We got five Go palettes, the 88 Ultra Shimmer palette, the 10 blush palettes and a few brushes. These colors are so soft, pigmented, and gorgeous! As far as I can tell, only a couple colors had duplicates from the 88 shimmer palette (the gold and copper shades in Moscow). When I saw the GO palettes online, I thought the pans were going to be larger, but they are the same size as the pans in the 88 palette. I also thought the eye brushes would be fluffier. Other than that, I am so happy with everything! These swatches are without a primer, and single swipes on the skin.
Please excuse all of the little bruises, I was playing Volleyball earlier for the first time in many years! :) All rows are Left to right, or bottom to top.

Overall we give Coastal Scents an A, love the colors and they go on really nice.

Until Next Time-The Artist and The Addict

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