Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Back To Basics - Know Your Skin Tone

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Here at the The Artist and The Addict we wanted to do a series of Beauty Basics, some you may already know. But if you feel like a wreck, you're a trainee or feel like you just can't seem to get something right, hopefully you will find some useful information here.

Understanding your skin tone!

Before you just dive into whatever look you saw on Gossip Girl you need to first take a hard look in the mirror and understand what is happening on that beautiful face of yours. 

Why does skin tone matter? Whenever you are choosing what colors to use on your face, hair or what to wear, having a better understanding of whats going on underneath will aid you in not picking things that are going to wash you out or make you look crazy. 

Skin tone can be divided into two categories: Ruddy and Olive aka Red and Green. This distinction is easy to identify. If you are looking in the mirror and you have a lot of redness on your face, it is most likely due to irritation or sensitive skin. A true Ruddy skin tone is almost always a natural red head and is only 1% of the human population all others are Olive.

Olive skin is much more complex then Ruddy as it can have many sub undertones and many different shades. However you can break them up into two groups: warm and cool. Warm undertones are yellow or orange, while cool undertones are blue or violet. This can sometimes be difficult to figure out, there are a lot of different ways determine if you are warm or cool. Check out these tests at The Beauty Department.

A basic rule to stick to when choosing color is to pick colors with the same undertones as your skin. Warm tones look great in golds, oranges, yellows and bright red-oranges. Cool tones will benefit from wearing silvers and beautiful jewel shades (purple, blue and green). 

Now that you know and understand your skin tone and undertones you will be able to apply this knowledge to future Back to Basics. Coming soon will be a B2B on how to pick foundation for your skin tone.

-The Artist

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