Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sally Girl Eyeshadows

Hello loves!
Today we are talking about a line that I don't hear about too often; the Sally Girl line from Sally Beauty. It's a shame too, because They're a pretty good quality and VERY inexpensive. If I'm not mistaken, the entire line is only 99 cents! Today I'm going to be sharing just a couple products, which I think might be the best. First we have the single eyeshadows, they are super pigmented and go on so softly. The ones with the wavy texture tend to have a softer/more powdery consistency (think WnW). I have no complaints about staying power, and they have a pretty decent selection. Here are the ones I have:

Taupe, Cinnamon , Cranberry, Brick, Navy 

Taupe (far left) has got to be one of my favorite browbone shades. I also appreciate the fact that the names are very straight forward.

Next we have the Shimmer Stripes. At first I thought, "what a great multi-use product, it could be shadows or  mixed together it could be a bronzer". They are beautiful as eyeshadows, but I definitely would not wear them as a bronzer! As far as I know these do not have specific names other than the numbers on the back, but here the are:
 This is number 388154. Swatches are from botton to top.
 As you can see, these colors are gorgeous, but are more metallic-which you should not put anywhere put your eyes!
And this is all 4 colors mixed together. It actually looked more like a Rosey Copper in person.

And here is number 388152
 Sadly the corner broke a little bit between buying it and getting it home.
 Again, swatched from bottom to top
And all together is a gorgeous gold.
They only thing I would say about these, is that because they have so much shimmer, I would not use the colors together. Perhaps use them with a matte or satin finish shadow or they will start to look muddy.

I hop you guys enjoyed this, now run and go get some!! :) 
XO- The Addict

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