Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Picks of the week!

Hello darlings!
So we just realized me missed the lasts two POTW's. Yeah, we totally suck. So to try and make up for it we'll be doing a double POTW for you! Yay! Oddly enough we both wanted to share with you the blushes that we've been using like crazy :)

The Addicts Pick:
This last weekend I took a very impromptu trip to CA to visit the family, and I literally spent 30 seconds packing my makeup and I only brought one, yes one, blush! But it has got to be one of my favorite blushes, especially for Spring and Summer. It is WnW Pearlescent Pink. It is a very fresh shimmery pink, and it is simply gorgeous. What I love most about the color is that it is super pigmented. If you use a very light hand you can get a nice light flush of color, or you can build it up for a bright pink punch. It's probably the one I reach for the most because it goes well with so many looks.
Retails for $2.99
The Artists Pick:

Lately I have noticed that I reach for the same blush almost every day.  When I want a nice healthy glow that will go well with most any make-up look I find myself going straight to my Elf Studio Blush in Tickled Pink. A lot of the beauty world has talked about this blush being fantastic, because it is. However it doesn’t work great for everyone, Kaci (the Artist) actually has a hard time getting this shade to show up at all against her olive skin tone.

We love Elf here at The Artist and The Addict and this blush is yet another wonderful addition to our favorite products.  Happy Spring Time!

Thanks for reading and be patient with us!
-The Artist and The Addict

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