Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Beautiful Travels

It's always so hard to decide what beauty items to pack when going on a trip. Should you just bring the bare essentials? Or enough to be prepared for anything? I probably over-pack when it comes to beauty related items, but that's because I almost never pre-plan a look, I just look at what I'll be wearing and make it up as I go.
I meant to have this video up before I left for Thanksgiving, but that didn't really work out. So I hope this helps if you are planning to go out of town for the winter holidays!

A few edits: When I got to security (TSA) they informed me that everything was supposed to be in a 1 quart bag not a 1 gallon bag. OOPS! Also, I don't know what I was thinking, but my foundation, tm, night cream, and nail polish was also supposed to be in the bag. Again, my bad.


  1. I had to throw out my foundation once, it sucked.

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