Monday, November 14, 2011

Pick of the Week

Hello Beauty Lovers,

We love elf here at The Artist and The Addict, they are really changing the way a lot of people (including myself) feel about lower end/drug store brands. This week is no different.

For this Pick of the Week, under $5 of course, is the elf All Over Cover Stick. We have seen a lot of mixed reviews about this product but I personally can't live without it. I found mine at Kmart, I've heard select Target stores also have it and of course you can order the All Over Cover Stick at

I use it to ways: as a concealer with my tinted moisturizer or all over for a full coverage look. I always set this with a highlight powder under the eyes and a talc powder all over for a finished matte appearance.

I know why your probably thinking "I can't use a product all over my face that only cost $1, it will ruin my skin". Everyone is different but my experience with this product has been really great, and my acne prone skin hasn't looked this great in years. I have been using the All Over Cover Stick for a couple months now almost everyday.

Do you have a great product for Pick of the Week? Tell us about it.
XOXO, The Artist

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