Thursday, December 29, 2011

Back to Basics - Picking out Foundation

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We have all fallen victim to this, wearing the wrong color foundation. For me it usually happens in the summer, I don't realize how much sun I have gotten and all of a sudden my face is lighter than everything else and I look like ghost. For most people they simply don't know how to pick the correct shade or the undertone is wrong and you turn orange. For information on understanding your skin tone check out this Back to Basic. 

There are basically three types of foundation: powder, liquid and gel/cream. Typically coverage is as follows Powder is Sheer, Liquid is Medium, Creme is Full. Of course there are exceptions like tinted moisturizer which usually is packaged like liquid foundation.

OK now you know your skin tone and what type of coverage you want its time to  find your perfect match. If your shopping at the drugstore unfortunately its just a guessing game. The best thing to do is go to Sephora or a department store so that you can test the colors. Find a brand, type and finish you like, then swatch them along your jaw bone (Try using a cotton swab or a cosmetic sponge). Your looking for the color that disappears into your skin.

 Brush Vs. Sponge?

Some people think that you should only use foundation brush's and others are pro sponge. So how do you choose? My best advice is to try both and use whatever your most comfortable with and you feel gives the best result for your skin. 

Brush's are the greener choice since you wash and reuse them the same way you would any of your cosmetic brushes. I like to use a brush because you have more control over where your product is going and the result is more full coverage than a sponge since it doesn't soak up your foundation.

Sponges are convenient since they are disposable and are my applicator of choice when applying foundation to a client. Most people don't know this but you can use sponges two ways wet or dry. By wetting the sponge you cause it to soak up the vehicle in the product (The ingredient that delivers the pigment to your face, usually an oil) this gives you a color only deposit to you face. 

Do you still have questions on how to pick out foundation or application? Let us know!

Until next time! -The Artist

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