Monday, January 30, 2012

Pick of the week!

Hello lovelies!
So I have been trying to grow out my eyebrows, and it has been a bit of a struggle. I always used to over tweeze, so now that I'm trying to grow them out they are coming in a little patchy. My brows have holes! I also have scar through my eyebrow that looks much more prominent now that they are thicker. So I realized I need to start filling them in. I already had some brow kits/pencils but they just weren't working out; mostly because they are too dark (which is great when doing dramatic makeup, not so great when going for a natural look). So, while at my local Walgreens a couple weeks ago ago I decided to peruse the Jordana section. There I saw that they had new FabuBrow eyebrow pencils. They have 3 colors Taupe, Medium Brown, and Dark Brown.

I have been using this pencil just about every day. I love it! I goes on very easily, the color is very natural, and the brush on the cap helps the brush the hairs into place to give you a very perfected look. The color worked so well for me; dark enough to match my natural brows, but not so dark that I look like a Disney villain. Best part? This bad boy is only $2.99! 

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