Sunday, January 1, 2012

CoverGirl Blast Flipstick Review

Hello Everyone!

At first glace the CoverGirl Blast Flipsticks have super cute packaging, get a little closer and I really wasn't very interested in most of the colors. I did end up picking up one, color is Pucker. One side is a bright hot pink and the other is frosty shimmery shade, and has a pretty standard lipstick scent. I do like the fact that you can tone down or brighten up the color. The only big downfall for me is the fact that I can't get this lipstick off. Some might find this as a good thing, but when I take my make-up off I want it to actually come off. But you can eat, drink and wear this all day and still have a stain effect.

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Over all, I really like the concept and would probably buy more of them if they came out with new shades. Other skin shades will probably enjoy these more than me!

Light Shade Alone - Shades Blended - Bright Shade Alone

I purchased my CoverGirl Flipstick at Target for $7.99, which I think is a little steep for a drugstore brand but you you get a minimum of three colors.

I hope you found this helpful! -The Artist

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