Monday, January 2, 2012

Pick of the Week

Hello beauties!
My pick of the week this week is a little different. It's not a makeup product. I recently rediscovered it in my skincare stash. It's Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Clearing Astringent. It says "Salicylic Acid & Acne Medication, Removes Excess Oil, A powerful acne-fighting formula to help treat and prevent breakouts". I have been using this with a cotton ball in the mornings to remove the oil that's accumulated overnight and before I use liquid foundation. I feel like it really helps keep my oil under control for a good portion of the day, and removes A LOT of excess oil without being overly drying. I highly recommend this for people with oily skin or who are looking for a new toner.

$3.99 at most drugstores

XO-The Addict

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