Monday, January 2, 2012

Gold Glitzy Glitter Eyes Tutorial!

Hello everyone!
A lot of people seemed to like this picture I posted of my New Years Eve makeup.

I actually recorded this video the day before New Years, and changed a couple of things to get a more dramatic look. So here are the differences:
1) Different face makeup. In the video I'm just wearing LG Balance and Brighten. In the picture I am wearing a full face of makeup; Rimmel Lasting Finish, Balance and Brighten, NYC Sunny, highlight, etc.
2) In the picture, I used a piece of tape to get the sharp line.
3) I am wearing some pretty dramatic false lashes in the picture.
4) On my upper lash line I used Maybelline Drama Eyes and winged it.
5) I am wearing Sally Hansen Diamond Lip Gloss in Princess in the picture

Anyway, I hope you guys find this helpful!

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