Thursday, October 27, 2011

Elf Holiday Sets

What's new in elf this Holiday season...Nothing really. Kinda disappointed in the winter sets. I have seen it and already own it, or not interested. 

The Artist- I did however pick up this lovely liquid liner trio for $3.00 (I mostly just wanted the silver one), or so I thought... The Black does not go on opaque and I had to go over it twice and the silver drys looking flaky and kinda gross. Didn't bother trying the gold. Big time skip!

The Addict- The luminizer is nice but has a little too much sparkle for my taste, and it came with a very small (so far useless) kabuki brush. Alone the luminizer retails on their website for $1, so you are really paying $2 for the tiny brush. Let me know if you have found a use for this.
The plumping glosses are packaged differently than than they usually are. The regular plumping glosses are dual ended with one side that is supposed to have color and a mild plump and the other side being a sheer shimmer with more plump. The problem is that they do not plump at all, and are just overpoweringly mint scented. The two darker shades smelled like I had just smeared Vicks vapo rub on my face. Very unpleasant. The lightest shade wasn't quite as scented, and did have just the teeniest bit of tingle, but still no visible plumping action.


Overall Ruling?  We love you elf but you have disappointed. Better luck in your spring collection, please come out with new colors and collections we don't already have. The elf facebook page released a few Sneak Peeks of what else to expect this season, which looks like some of the same products with different packaging. The clutch will now come in gold, and they have a few tools covered in pink rhinestones.

If you haven't purchased the elf eye shadow palettes before, they are a must have, and it appears that they released a larger 140 palette for the season. But the 32 palettes, and beauty book palettes are the same, just with glittery packaging.

Sincerely Sad - The Artist and The Addict

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