Saturday, May 12, 2012

Spring Into Color: Neon Nails

Hello dears!
So one of the hottest trends this spring is neons, and what easier way to wear them than on your fingers and toes? There are so many beautiful neon polishes out right now and I picked up a few the other day. After applying several coats they weren't coming out anywhere near as bright as in the bottle. So how do you get the most out of these ultra bright colors? Simple. Use a white nail polish as a base and then one or two coats of your favorite neon to get that intense color payoff.
So this is with 2 coats, 4 coats and then 1 coat over a white base. Can you see what a big difference it makes?

Here are the neon manis I have been rocking this week:

This was my neon tie-dye gradient attempt using a makeup sponge. What do you think?

Hope this helps!
Xoxo-The Addict

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