Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Beauty Secret Weapon - Don't Pay to Wax that Stache

Hello Beauties,

The product I want to talk about was a secret even to me until just recently. After a very unfortunate wax pot incident (no one was injured), I was desperate to wax my mustache. It's embossing I know, we as woman like to take care of these issues and pretend like they were never there. 

As you may know, I am a licensed esthetician and I couldn't fathom paying someone to wax me when I have been doing it myself for years. A while back I witnessed a friend of mine use the following product and I couldn't believe my eyes, who on earth would wax themselves when something they bought at the drug store, it's absolute insanity. But in my desperate state I needed a quick fix, and came across Sally Hansen's Hair Remover Wax Strip Kit for Face.
I would normally never recommend any OTC waxing products, I can't tell you how many scorched bikini lines I have seen from microwavable wax products. But these little wax strips are super easy to use, gentle and no microwaving needed.
I paid only $4.99 for 48 strips in three different sizes, and it came with a little bottle of aftercare oil. I honestly can't believe how easy these strips where to use and well they worked. The steps are simple:
1) Warm strip in hands
2) Separate double-sided strips
3) Press on, pull off
A few tips when your waxing, make sure to always pull the skin tight and you want to pull the wax strip against the grain for best results and less pain.

The whole process took less than five minutes. I will for sure be added these bad boys to my make-up kit as well, never again will I be tweezing out a unibrow or trying to cover us a mustache.

If you have used these products before or plan on it, please tell me about it! Happy Waxing!

Love, The Artist

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