Monday, April 23, 2012

Looks For 4-Eyed Beautys

Hello Everyone!

A common complaint out there is, "what's the point of doing a cute eye look, when I am just going to put my glasses on anyway?". Well being a victim of four-eyes pretty much my entire life, I think I can help with this. Now when Kaci brought this to my attention, I didn't think I really did anything all that different than i would if I were wearing contacts. But then I started paying a little more attention and sure enough I was doing things differently without even realizing it.

First, off if your make-up showing is something that is really important to you start with what kind of frames you are wearing. 

Personally I prefer plastic frames which of course block most of my face. But if plastic is for you, try to choose a clear or light color frame. If you like black, like me, you can choose a larger or rounded lens to show off those baby blues.

Larger Lens Black Frame, I actually just got these!
Clear Frames

If you dig the metal frames or no no frames, its not as big of a deal. For metal frames I would just stay away from anything rectangular, since it will cut across the center of your lid.
If your make-up is whats important these are NOT for you.

Now for the fun part. If your fed-up with your eyes forget about them. Spring time is right around the corner, try some winged eyeliner and a bright pink lip.
Sorry my liner is not winged because I have droopy eyes, but you get the point :). I have MAC White Frost all over my lid and under brow with Sorme SmearProof Liner and Benefit badGAL lashes, Lips are Covergirl Blast Flipstick in Pucker(both sides)
Want something a little more sultry? Draw as much attention to your lash line as possible, since that's the part you can see the best. Try thick smudgy liner and natural looking false lashes (for added thickness not length) or a dark violet or emerald green around your lashes and blended into the crease with a lighter shade.

Glasses can be sexy and cute, don't think because you are working the nerdy chic on a daily basis that make-up isn't worth your time. 

Your Four-Eyed Friend
-The Artist

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